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Welcome Superheroes!

Welcome to our own little corner of the world wide web.  Here you will find helpful links and information to help you become the very best you that you can be!

Room 314 on the Internet

The Dojo is open!  Head on over to check out your daily progress.   We are superheroes! Here is the data to show how just how amazing we are each day!

Sign up for Remind text and email alerts.  Remind is a safe way for me to be able to send you messages, I cannot see your phone number and you cannot see mine.  Remind set up a special phone number that cannot receive messages.  It's free for all of us, but standard text messaging rates apply!  Head over here to sign up!


Classroom and School News

All students are to come to school in their FULL Uniform each and every day. If you are having a problem purchasing the uniform please let me know.

School Uniform Policy

School Uniform Pamphlet  with examples of colors 


Website Updates

10/3/14 - Project link and description added, more sites added to fun links.

 9/5/14 - Our Class Website is now updated and ready to go for the 2014 - 2015 school year.  If you are a former student who still views the website, click around there are many new things to discover!


Do you need this website translated?

Google provides a translation service for free.  Go to http://translate.google.com/ and enter my website address.  It should be able to translate this page for you.  If this does not work or if there is a better FREE way to translate this page, please let me know.